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Ingenuity. Dream. Win the future

  On the evening of January 13, 2017, all the staff of Zhongtai Group gathered together, enjoying the exquisite viands and vintage wine, astounding song and dance, biding farewell to the old and usher in the new。      

  The banquet started with a film “For Ingenuity”, dedicating that Zhongtai Group convinced in ingenuity and pursuit for quality technology. As the chairman indicated, Zhongtai Group aimed to “use quality to build inheritable house”, and 2017 is the most important year. On this day, all the staff had a loud toast, with a firm belief in transcending in 2017.      

  The staff from various units in the company each prepared some astounding performance. Such as poetry “Build A Dream” from the headquarters, “Golden Rooster Celebrates For New Year ” from the No.9 Spa club, “Rise Up Upon Hearing The Crow Of A Rooster” from property management. Amazing performance and lucky draw continued the joy, reaching a climax in the banquet, bringing a theme of costume show. Every staff from each unit, walked on the stage, became the protagonist of the stage tonight, and played their theme.      

  Finally, general affairs department broke out the performance with a fresh style, wining the awards of this feature fashion show。 While giving the awards, Zhongtai Group 2017 Spring festival banquet reached a perfect end。      

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