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“Strategic Cooperation Agreement”was reached between Zhongtai Group and Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong branch.

On 13th of December 2016, Zhongtai group and Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong branch have held a grand signing ceremony for “Bank Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement” at Zhongtai headquarters meeting room。 Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong sub-branch chief manager Yuan Ming Nan, deputy chief manager Pan Zhi Yong together with total of 13 leaders and Zhongtai group chairman Chen Yan, CEO Gao Peng Fei, Vice President Lee Xu Sheng, Vice President Lee Yong, Vice President Qin Nai Song and company leaders attended the signing ceremony。      

  During the signing ceremony, the deputy chief manager of provincial Agricultural Bank, Pan Zhi Yong, affirmed the ascendancy of Zhongtai group and its future growth. Chief Pan indicates that Zhongtai, edtablishing in 1992, has multi-industrial, and cross-regional development scale. Now, Zhongtai group is in a stage of rapid development. It is a strong combination to work with Zhongtai to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.    

  Chairman Chen Yan of Zhongtai Group expressed sincere gratitude to the support and affirms of Agricultural Bank。 Chairman Chen says, Zhongtai Group and Agricultural Bank have indissoluble origin。 Agricultural Bank gave a lot of support to Zhongtai Group within 20 years of development。 Henceforth, Zhongtai will continue with the principle of “complementary advantage, mutual benefit, cooperate development”, optimizing investment value to biggest, and maintaining the cooperation relation with Agricultural Bank of China。        

Lastly, leaders from both side witnessed that Zhongtai Group CEO, Gao Peng Fei and Provincial Agricultural Bank general manager of sales department, Gao Tie Bing both solemnly signed “Bank Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, symbolizing Zhongtai Group and Guangzhou Agricultural Bank Guangdong branch will move on together, recreate glory, and expand a new chapter.

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